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Have you booked your flight to Padang yet?

Padang is located in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Here are some options for you to get to Padang, from the most convenient/fast to the cheapest options:


1. International > Jakarta / Bali > Padang
    International flights to Jakarta or Denpasar (Bali)
    - Garuda Indonesia, as the Indonesian Flag Carrier, has a direct flight to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia or      

      Denpasar (Bali) from most major international cities.

    - For Australians, Qantas, Jetstar, Airasia and Malindo Air also have direct flights to Jakarta and Denpasar (Bali)

    - Your best bet is to use to find the best deal and itinerary on your flight to Indonesia. 

    Jakarta / Denpasar (Bali) > Padang

    - There are a few Indonesian airlines offering Bali - Padang  and Jakarta - Padang routes, but we recommend you to choose Garuda since it's the most reliable airline in Indonesia or you can consider Lion Air for cheaper air-fares.

    - If you would like to book your own flight, you can use or to easily book any domestic flights in Indonesia without the help of an agent.

    - Please ensure you arrive by 4pm in Padang for the first day of the trip.

    - Your flight out of Padang needs to be departing later than 10am on the last day of the charter.


2. International > KL > Padang
    Flight to Kuala Lumpur > Padang
    - There is a budget airline AirAsia fly from KL to Padang return on selected days.


3. International > Singapore > Batam > Padang

    If you are a very adventurous this option may save you up to $500 return for flight from Australia but it also might

    be the slowest one. This option is quite good if you would like to enjoy Singapore prior to your arrival in Padang.


    Australia > Singapore

    FlyScoot often offer a very good price for flights to Singapore.


    Singapore > Padang

    Unfortunately, there is no direct flights from Singapore to Padang, however for a very cheap fare you can catch a ferry from Singapore's Harbour Front to Batam Centre, Indonesia before catching a short domestic flight from Batam to Padang.


Upon your arrival in Padang, West Sumatra

Our ground crew will be ready to pick you up from Minangkabau International Airport to Hotel/Harbour and return.

For your own safety, please DO NOT TRY any local drinks (*especially alcoholic beverages) that are not coming from sealed bottles or cans.

We highly recommend you purchase a local SIM card, it will allow you to use 3G anywhere in Padang and you may get signal on the boat occasionally to receive and send messages. Telkomsel is a good option. They can be found very easily, our ground staff can assist you with that.


Please follow the ground crew instructions on where to keep your belongings.


Before the boat leaves the Harbour from Padang to Mentawai.

Please check you have all your belongings and make sure that everything is on board.


We wish you a very safe and memorable trip!

Thank you for choosing Santa Lusia!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is your Charter so cheap in relation to the market?

This is something we get asked a lot. When we first purchased Wave Hunter, it used to be perceived as a budget boat. Even though it did the job and got everyone to the waves they wanted without any issues, there was definitely some work to be done. In recent years we have had extensive renovations and have been lifting our game. Ensuring we are always ready to take you to the zone right away.

Despite all that investment in early 2018, we have decided to keep our prices nice and low in order to be able to showcase our service to a lucky bunch of surfers who will hopefully put the word out, and only then we will think about rising our fares to align with the market prices. 

If you are booking it now, rest assured you are getting a fantastic deal, we do not save at all in anything to keep the prices low, we take pride on serving top quality food in plentiful quantities.



Do we get any phone reception out on the boat?

We get limited signal during the trip, most places have no signal at all but occasionally when in transit there are areas where we will pass near telecommunication towers and be able to receive and reply to messages. 

In order to do that, we recommend you get a local Telkomsel SIM Card, they can be found everywhere, even in the Bali airport as soon as you walk out from arrivals. It should cost you around US$10 for the SIM card loaded with enough phone credit & data for the whole trip.


What is Mentawai Tax?

It is a Tax that has been introduced by Mentawai's governor which requires each surfer to pay 1 Million Rupiah (around US$75) upon visiting the region. Guests will pay it in Padang with cash money and a receipt will be provided.

You can find more info on the matter in this Surfline article


What should I do if my trip is disappointing?

if your problem caused by one of our crew's behaviour, please contact us through our email as soon as you can, and we will address the issue as quickly as possible. 


Can I ship my belongings before I arrive in Padang?
If it is strictly necessary, yes you can, please contact us beforehand. Santa Lusia is not responsible for any damage/loss caused by delivery. We do not encourage this action.


I forgot my belongings in Padang, what should I do?

Please inform our crew and/or email us ASAP. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find your belongings if they are left in a public area such as a restaurant or cafe. If we do find your belongings we will try and send it to your location through another charter in our first opportunity.