Surf Paradise Boats runs her surf charters around West & North Sumatra mainly in the Mentawai, Telo and Banyaks Island groups.



The Mentawai Islands offer a wide variety of breaks. Catering to Intermediate (long soft walls) and advanced surfers (shallow dredging barrels). Your group will be able to communicate to the expert western guide what type of waves you would like to surf before going out and the guide will figure out the best spots to take you too depending on the size & direction of the swell and Wind.


Many of the waves visited on the charter have been featured in dozens of surf movies throughout the years. Spots like E-Bay,Bank-vaults, Hideaways, NoKandui, Riffles, Telescopes, HT’S, Macaronis, Greenbush, Rags, Lighthouse and The Hole are some of the most popular spots for Surf film makers. All of these waves are shallow reef breaks that provide insane tube rides for experienced surfers. The list goes on with a number of easier waves like; Pit stops, Burger World, Nipussi, Baby Kandui, Karanbijat left, 4-Bobs, A-frames, Scarecrows, Bintangs, Lances Left, Sand Bars, Bat Caves, KFC, Roxy’s and Moots. Giving you the chance to carve your brains out and slip into some easy barrel rides.


There are many well known spots to score some great waves but if you want dodge the crowd and explore you can ask the surf guide and go to any number of lesser known but equally great breaks, this is what we do best. 












Equipped with smaller craft to get you to the surf quicker an aluminium boat equipped with a 40HP Yamaha to get you to the surf in a flash. The boat can also be taken for other activities such as fishing, diving or exploring the islands nearby. Access to great surf spots secret and popular.

Experienced western surf-guide is committed to delivering the high level of service. The surf-guide is familiar with conditions, surf spots and the Indonesian culture and he will take you to the best surf spot at the best time.


He will work closely with the highly experienced captain to read weather and wave conditions to find the best waves that suit the desire of the particular charter group. We have also an avid photographers and videographers team who will work to ensure the best waves of the trip are captured so you’ve got maximum bragging rights when you return home. We are confident that our photographers and filmakers will get you the best waves on offer, ensure your safety and show you a good time while surfing the best waves in the world.

Surf Paradise Boats Barrels Hts
Surf pradise Boats barrels Greenbush

Our Destinations Maps

Typically, we ​depart from Padang in the first evening of the trip and cross over to the Mentawai/ Telo region overnight. As the conditions are always different for each trip, we will adapt to the current scenario and start our journey from wherever is pumping. Our priority is to make our guests happy, so we will always be aware of the requirements of each group and make our decisions aiming to provide the best possible experience for everybody whilst making sure to show a good variety of waves and conditions. In evening of the 11th day , we leave the archipelago and travel overnight back to padang. 


Surf Paradise Boats Mentawai Map
Surf Paradise Boats Telo Map
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If you have a group of 7 or more you could request to go to other Surfing locations near West Sumatra, such as  Banyaks* or Hinako* 

Please contact us for further information!

* There are additional costs, please contact us for details before booking.